The Wenneker Swizzle Masters is a virtual cocktail competition designed to test bartenders’ ability to create a great tasting, balanced and beautiful drink that can be recreated by anyone, anywhere in the world.


  • All recipes must contain at the very least a dash of Wenneker.
  • This is a Wenneker competition, hence no other liqueur brands are allowed.
  • Each contestant can submit a maximum of ONE recipe per round, and can only win one round per year. Entries into subsequent rounds will not be accepted.
  • All recipes must be original and created especially for The Wenneker Swizzle Masters 2017.
  • The Wenneker Swizzle Masters 2017 will consist of three rounds, each of which comes with a different theme and base spirit. Please see the Rounds page for details of each competition.
  • Bartenders must state the glassware required for each recipe and provide a brief explanation of the thought process behind their creation. We strongly advise submitting a photograph of the cocktail.
  • This is a virtual cocktail competition. Entrants are only required to submit a recipe via, not mix their drink in person.
  • Ten entries will be selected to compete in each round.
  • This will be by: 1) Overall appeal and reproducibility of the recipe, 2) relevance to theme and base spirit, 3) relevance of the name.
  • Recipes will be mixed by an independent, experienced bartender, and judged by an independent panel.
  • Each cocktail will be judged on: Simplicity of methodology, presentation, aroma, balance, relevance of name and overall taste.
  • In each round, the winning bartender will be awarded a framed certificate, and their recipe will progress to the final in November to be judged against the other nine winning recipes from throughout the year.
  • The top three recipes in each round will be printed in The Spirits Business magazine.
  • New for 2017 is the Wildcard entry, which will enable one extra exemplary entry from any of the three rounds to go through to the final.
  • Following the grand final in November, the overall winner will be crowned Swizzle Master 2017, and awarded a trophy, certificate, an annual subscription to The Spirits Business; an interview and photograph in The Spirits Business magazine, plus cash prize.
  • All upcoming rounds are open for entry up until each individual heat’s deadline day. Please see the Rounds page for entry deadlines.
  • Recipes may only contain a maximum of eight ingredients. Garnishes are not included within this.
  • We will source all ingredients and garnishes required within reason, otherwise substitutes will be made.
  • Recipes must be designed so they can be easily recreated to the same standard by any bartender, anywhere in the world.
  • Please refrain from including homemade ingredients, unless it is something that can be simply created by any bartender. The acceptance of homemade ingredients will be down to the discretion of the judges.